This is Ideal Entertainment for Corporate Events, Private Events, Weddings and Parties. 

Mix and Mingle entertaining when your Guests first arrive in a meet and greet fashion. During the Meal in between the courses and also After Dinner Entertainment.  

This is so Flexible and Entertaining and it is suitable for most types of Functions. 

Imagine the Reactions of your Guests as they are Enthralled when Mike moves from group to group or table to table. 

The Amazement and Fun will spread around the room, the Laughter will liven the atmosphere sending a real buzz around the event.

When you are arranging your Event you will want to ensure that your Guests are well Entertained. With a Close up Magician Kent  the most important element is fun. Make sure your function is a Success by getting Mike to come along performing with his unique style of Entertainment. 

You will have the piece of mind that you have a Top Entertainer. He is Experienced, He is a Quality Act, He is Reliable.

What is it that Mike does?
Mike is Extremely Flexible in his approach, He adapts to situations as they occur. 

This is perfect for people who want to party.

Different People react in different ways. 

He has a pleasant disposition and people enjoy his banter. 

He performs a variety of effects mixed in with a element of fun. 

He adapts to the people he is performing to. On one table he may perform in one style because the guests are a little serious and at the next table he will have them all in hysterics. Everyone is different and hence the performance will vary from group to group and table to table.

For example Card Tricks, Rope Tricks, Money Tricks, Dice Tricks and Lottery Tricks. He can perform Up Close or a Comedy Cabaret. He can perform both. First close up followed later by a Hilarious Comedy Act that will leave your Guests in Stitches and having a brilliant time. 

All kinds of Events. Big and Small. From just a few guests to a really big Function. A possible scenario could be a couple of hour of close up magic while the guests enjoy there meal. Then a stand up comedy show which will be a right laugh. 
How long should Mike come along for? Well it all depends on a number of factors. How many Guests there are? What else is going on at the same time etc.

So what do you want? Well you want an entertainer that is professional, reliable, whom is smart, and above all is the sort of person that you would actually want at your event or party. 

The Secret is not the Trick, It is in the Entertainment.

To recap when you are wanting entertainment with a Kent magician for your function Mike Elvin is your first choice for fun because everyone will just love his banter because he is extremely versatile and will bring you a first class show. 

Hi Mike everyone had a great time all enjoyed your show, I have passed out your cards. thanks for that will certainly recommend you. SB.

Dear Mike Thank you for this and for a fantastic performance on Saturday. Loads of people told me how much they'd enjoyed your shows and how clever you are. I will of course pass on your details with pleasure but unfortunately not many of our guests were local. The hotel is a great venue and you could possibly get onto their 'Supplier List' as they have so many weddings and functions there. We didn't have hangovers, which was lucky as we had about 12 for breakfast! Thanks again and we hope to see you in future, but don't think I'll be making a fuss about my 60th! Best wishes Caroline and Neil.

Hi mike Had a good time thanks for your entertainment,I will recommend you and pass on your details Nat got in at 5am she's a one!Mum and myself left at midnight! Thanks again Maria.

Hi Mike. Thank you for your email, you were great and made our wedding day even more special!! I will definitely pass on you details to anyone who may be interested. Thank you once again Holli.

Hello Mike, thank you so much for entertaining family and friends on Sunday.  Everyone enjoyed it and said how much they enjoyed your ricks. Best wishes, Susie.

Hi Mike Thanks very much, you did a great job and we have had lots of good feed back Thanks again TB.

What a splendid adventure this is because it is for the people who want to party. 

Corporate Entertainment for your annual firms party that is brilliant with a wide range of tricks. 

Make Sure your Guests Really Enjoy themselves. Wonderful Conjuring Tricks and you will have a Wonderful Time.  This is ideal for so many types of events. Consider having Mike come along and perform amazing tricks. This is always great fun to watch with someone who really enjoys what he does. 

Invite Mike to your party and have one of the most enjoyable experiences around. It is ideal for so many occasions from Corporate Events to Wedding Entertainment, from Christmas Parties to Anniversaries. Big occasions and small functions. He will bring you a wealth of fun and help make the laughter spread around the room. 
Make sure all your Guests have a wonderful time and with Mike you will be assured that they will.  


For your special day all you have to do is invite him to come along and entertain for you because he is extremely versatile and will bring you a first class show as a wedding magician Kent.   

When you are looking for a wedding present idea have you considered Mike to come along. Now there's a thought. Idea for the photos or during the meal and for mingling with everyone.

When you are looking to arrange your Christmas do make sure Mike is your performer to liven up the party and he will adapt and fit in with what every you have planned. 

Card Tricks will delight those who love to see the interactive action right in front of their eyes. Whatever type of party occasion you are having this will help liven up the proceedings. For the happiest day in your life Mike can come perform to your family and friends and he will help to amuse them on this very memorable day. They will be so pleased that you have been so considerate to think of them with first class entertaining.

For birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate party events and private occasions when you want to hire magician Kent area entertainment Mike will help ensure that the fun is extremely memorable for a very long time and your friends will come up to you and tell you how much they enjoyed themselves.

He will bring a marvellous touch of fun to your birthday party when you are wanting to ensure that everyone is well happy during the evening. You will certainly well pleased that you hired him when you hear your guests talk about the marvellous entertaining that you provided.

Your ideal choice for your friendly interactive performer who will delight your friends and help to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

wealth of experience that will help ensure that things run smoothly on the day.

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